Can Anyone Be A Criminal Court Attorney

Law is one of the most competitive educational programs in America. Every year, thousands of bright students apply to law courses of premier institution in USA, but only handful of them gets selected. Once the fortunate ones get through, they have to go through a tough curriculum, internship and other academic hurdles to earn that coveted degree at the end of the program.

Self-Representation can be a really tricky business

From the above description, anyone can understand that becoming a criminal defense lawyer takes hard work and integrity. From the popular medium of Cinema, we may come to believe that- it’s really easy to self-represent oneself in a court room, if one has the misfortune of getting arrested or being slapped against grave criminal charges. But the reality is starkly different. There is no doubt that, Law as a subject, is like an infinite ocean. You may keep repeating in your head that by going through the pages of bulky law books, memorizing the regulations/amendments, and by working on your gait and self-confidence, you may represent yourself in a legal battle when it’s required; but do remember that, there is something which only a professional criminal court attorney can offer and cannot be found elsewhere.

What types of cases ask for a professional criminal court attorney?


There are multiple reasons to hire a criminal defense attorney whenever you find yourself in a legal soup. Some of them are as follows-

  • Cases involving occupational negligence or misconduct

There are few professionals like Medical or Architecture; where we get to see random cases of malpractice on behalf of the professional/expert that causes grave misery for the customer seeking the service. Suppose you are a doctor who is charged by a patient for negligence during a critical surgery. A defense lawyer in this scenario proves supremely useful, as you need expert witnesses and only a law-expert can provide you with that.

  • Cases that are related with Insurance

Cases where the terms and conditions of your Insurance Company matter, a criminal defence lawyer can be your only savior in these situations. Whether you are charged by misleading the Insurance Company or arrested due to drunk driving where the damaged party is demanding an astronomical compensation; a criminal defence lawyer will come to your rescue by tackling all the complicated nitty-gritty of insurance clauses.


  • Other types

During the years that one would-be lawyer spends in a law school in USA, he/she receives the chance of mastering on the diverse range legal proceedings and systems in courts all over the country. The law students also get a chance of doing their specializations on family law/ real estate law/ divorce law/ corporate law to name a few. So you can understand the type of cases where you may seek for the expert guidance of a criminal defence lawyer.

Turning your own criminal defense lawyer and losing out, shall not only harm your reputation and make you vulnerable to the punishment inflicted by the judge, but also it can play a destructive role in your personal financial condition. So think logically before you appoint yourself.


How Lawyers Defend Against Criminal Charges

A lawyer has a very important and a difficult job when it comes to defending a guilty. An accused person actually guilty of a crime has also a constitutional right to get fair justice. A good lawyer can help the person shorten the jail term, or lower the fines and the penalties and also help with a plea bargain with the prosecutors to lower the bad legal consequences of the guilt to a great extent,

The motions and arguments in defense

The evidences, eyewitnesses used for fighting the case can be effectively used only by a good lawyer. A number of criminal charges may be laden on the defendants, all of which may not be true; hence, the lawyers can prove the conviction false for lesser charges in the court of law. Many of the charges may be illegal and enforced by the police in the lure of getting criminal convictions regardless of the defendant being innocent or guilty. Some confidential details of the guilty need to be shielded by the lawyers. The defendant is sometimes made to accept and admit the crime himself before the court as a strategy to plead lower punishment or penalties. The defendant lawyer needs to make all possible arguments which will prevent the prosecutor from taking over the case in completeness.

Sometimes the crime committed is totally horrendous like murder, rape, etc which are unethical in nature. However, there are defendants who need to defend such cases too. Some lawyers take up such unethical cases just in the lure of getting a lot of money as fees. Sometimes, there are many fake evidences built up and in some cases the prosecutor is not able to prove the guilt in which case the accused goes scot free and the defendant wins the case which is not ethical and unacceptable in the court of law.


In some cases, where the accused requires rehabilitation centre like for drug addiction which can be one cause for the crime, the lawyer takes this as an opportunity to argue and lower the punishment or jail term of a criminal

No emotional connect for better defense

The lawyers who are emotionally connected and affected by criminal cases are not able to defend the accused. A good lawyer is more pragmatic in nature. Understanding the criminal is one way the lawyer begins with. Also, fighting a trial case for an accused, there is no chance of sympathizing with the victims too.

Getting a fair sentence for the accused within the ethical boundaries is the only motto of the lawyers in such cases. The method of persuasion used while defending criminal charges many a times clicks with the jury and the judges’ verdict for fair justice administration.

The best thing a defence lawyer does is not to prove that the accused is not guilty or lie the facts, but to prove the Government fiasco in being unable to prove the crime due to incomplete evidence like using a blur video tape, CCTV footage to prove the crime, etc hence the accused even if guilty in real life is not proved legally guilty by the defendant. The ability of the prosecutor to prove guilt is often challenged this way by the good defendants of criminal charges.


What to Look for When You Hire an Attorney

Getting involved in a legal issue has a number of repercussions, which is why you need to make sure that you hire an attorney that can provide you with the quality service that you deserve. These days, due to the saturation of the market and the complexities involved with a legal education, quality can be hard to come by. Rather than find yourself with a lawyer who provides subpar service, below is an overview of what you should look for when you are considering who you should hire. Taking these considerations into account can mean the difference between reaching a result that is in your best interest and a result that is opposed to your interests.




Out of all the qualities that you should look at, experience is the most pertinent. You want to focus on choosing an attorney that has experience in solving the issue at hand. By opting for an attorney with experience, you are essentially increasing your chances of getting the result that you are looking for. An experienced attorney can be characterized as someone who has five or more years of experience. You want to be wary or new lawyers because they have not yet developed the knowledge necessary to handle real-life law.


Another quality that can point to a high-quality attorney is education. As a general rule of thumb, law schools that rank higher churn out lawyers who are more capable in handling legal issues. Law schools are ranked into the top 10 and subsequent four tiers. You generally want to choose a lawyer that either ranks in the top 10 or is from a first tier law school. While you certainly do not need to delve into your lawyer’s grades in law school, the fact that they went to a well-rank school should help you feel at ease.

Success Rate

Finally, the bottom line is that success rate matters. Lawyers who have a higher success rate are able to provide clients with higher quality service that will help them receive a just and fair outcome that is in their best interest. When choosing a lawyer, you need to choose someone who has a strong and consistent success rate in resolving client issues. The next time you need help with a legal issue, choosing a lawyer that fulfils the above qualities will help you immensely.

Why You Need A Criminal Attorney For Criminal Charges

In many Hollywood films, we tend to see that during an intense situation of a court room drama, the protagonist of the scene act as a self-appointed lawyer, even if he/she has no previous experience or education in the legal field. How we wish that our real life resembles the reel life, too! But rarely does it happen. So even if you are charged with criminal offence or arrested or facing a hefty penalty, don’t ever think about being your own criminal attorney in such cases.

There is no hardcore survey that has been done so far about the statistic of people who act as self-appointed lawyer in United States of America every year, but it’s around mere 1%. So you can understand that the criminal defence attorneys have immense potential when it comes to any tricky legal scenario.

The books don’t teach you the real life experience

The biggest flaw that self-representation in court room involves is mixing up theory with practice. If you don’t have an iota of knowledge about the legal nitty-gritty or proceedings, then it may sound inspiring on paper that by reading the books alone, anyone can prepare himself/herself to role-play that of a defence lawyer, but it’s not so easy. There is a marked difference between active participation and delving into theory.

What a criminal defence attorney can bring on a table?

  • Negotiating and Mitigating Power

The biggest benefit of hiring a criminal defence lawyer would be the power of negotiation he/she can wield. If you are into a murky, divorce battle where it involves serious charges of physical damage against you, your attorney can bring out a solution where may be you can strike a deal through plea bargains. With plea bargains, some of the charges that are brought against you can be mitigated or your potential sentencing prison time can be reduced.

  • The Power of Giving The Defendant a Reality Check

If you are a defendant, then most of the time, it’s not possible for you to know what’s going on outside. There are many criminal cases where the general perception of the public, regarding the person/people who get arrested, is extremely negative. Their perception also plays a havoc role in shaping up the opinions of judges, prosecutors, and fuels the hostility of the police. A criminal lawyer keeps you in the loop, saves you from the pressure of the whole community and also makes valuable suggestion that may cut down your overall prison term and instead of, you may be packed off to a rehabilitation centre.

  • Emotional Support

Apart from putting forth their valuable knowledge about law, negotiating with the prosecutor and giving you a reality check, a defence lawyer can play the part of a rock-solid emotional support system who can provide you with immense mental strength required in a emotionally taxing legal battle.


All said and done, if you are still hell-bent on self-representation in court, then it’s also supremely imperative that you get tutored on a regular basis while on trial by a seasoned criminal defence lawyer- as theory and practice are two different ballgames.

Choosing The Right DUI Attorney

Not all general lawyers are capable of dealing with driving under influence or DUI cases. There are special DUI defense lawyers for those convicted under this case. The case is definitely expensive one and choosing the right attorney who can reduce the punishment or offer you the required bail will definitely help. The choice depends on making proactive comparisons on important factors like experience, the legal fees charged, the integrity which can be judged on meeting the specialized lawyers personally and asking them questions which can impact on choice making decision.

DUI legal offense outcomes

The dui attorney with many years of experience might showcase his prowess in the meeting by answering the questions effectively. The better and honest attorney will take an account of the problem, ask for the related documents, put forward all the challenges in the case and also assure his best defense in the court of law without promising a certain outcome.

Mostly, a driver under the influence of alcohol is subjected to the risk of losing his driving license, a sizeable fine, a lot of inspection, and also jailed in extreme cases where there is intoxicated driving. The background check of lawyer is essential, in case the lawyer has fought a similar case with a positive defense outcome, it is better for you. The case management tactics of every lawyer differs, however the lawyers must be able to chart which factors can work in favor of the guilty and which might go against him.

Making intelligent conclusions

Many times, one lawyer with a good education background and good experience with an affordable fee flat or hourly fee can suffice and end your search to find the most compatible right lawyer for you. However, many times there is a significant search required by meeting a number of lawyers before finalizing one.


  • Proper preparation before the meeting like getting proper documents, bail papers, police report, etc. is preliminary requirement.
  • The list of victims and witnesses must be ready with you so that the lawyer can get a broader picture and in case he has any familiarity with the prosecutor’s attorneys, all the more better for the case.
  • The lawyer who gives sufficient and regular updates can be beneficial for the guilty. The complicated DUI law requires a good dui attorney; however the attorneys must also know the Motor vehicle code and the driving license law.
  • The legal correspondence with the lawyers during the case is quintessential, and hence the means of contacting the lawyers must be discussed with.
  • There are lawyers who charge higher amounts seeing the income bracket of the guilty, promise great results but ultimately recommend a plea must never be chosen and they must be out of your list. You can get a clue by asking whether the lawyer will recommend a guilty plea.

Lastly, the suggestions, advice and the strategies of which lawyer were found to be helpful to your case can be judged to come to a conclusive end to your search by selecting the right attorney.

Don’t Use a Family Lawyer for Criminal Charges

Getting caught or charged in cases where you are breaking the law or other civil issues, is itself a matter of shame. To make it worse, if some day you get involved for some criminal case, where you may or may not be involved, it becomes difficult to get rid of it, as a case in the court is a costly and time taking affair in itself.

A case relating to criminal law is more stringent and stricter than normal cases in the court. This is the reason why it is always suggested to hire a professional in this area, and that is when criminal lawyers come into picture. It is important for you to understand the nature of the case, and then hire a lawyer accordingly. A family lawyer may help you to find the apt criminal attorney, but may not be very helpful for you to win the case because every case in law is different and that is why there are different types of lawyers available.

Family lawyer v/s criminal lawyer

A family lawyer is the one who is specialized in dealing with any and all kinds of family related issues. Family issues include cases related to will and deeds, divorce, separation of property, dowry, domestic violence or any area pertaining to family accuses. When such matters come in the court, family lawyers are hired.


In contrary, criminal lawyers are experts in criminal cases that are mostly covered under the IPC (Indian Penal Code). They relate to cases that revolve around murders, robbery or any issue that is against the benefit of the general public.

Why to hire a criminal lawyer for a criminal case?

It is always better to hire a criminal lawyer for criminal charges to gain the following benefits that they have to offer, over a family attorney–

  • They have been practicing criminal laws ever since they have passed out of the law schools.
  • They are well aware of all the laws pertaining to this field.
  • Every case they fight leaves a learning experience, helping them to win over the forth coming cases.
  • They know what information is needed, proofs to be gathered, and what charges are to be put up against the opponent party.
  • Lawyers for criminal charges are well aware of the consequences of losing the case, based on the facts provided, and thus prepare you mentally for any adverse results as well.
  • Criminal lawyers know what best has to be done, they know when it is important to file a case, when is it needed to bring in witnesses and all such things, thus saving on your time, efforts and money as well.

It can be very devastating to get caught in any kind of court cases, and a criminal charge is even worse. Before hiring a lawyer, be sure that you know the nature of the case. This will save time of the lawyer as well, and it will also help you to come up with a strong defense on time. Hire smartly to get rid of any criminal allegations.

What to Do When You Face Drunk Driving Charges

It is quite normal for many of us to drink alcohol from the bars or friends place and drive back home. Generally it becomes a practice and you are doing this for years. However, some day it happens that you lose control and get caught by the cops for drunk driving. Once you are not able to clear the test, you are convicted under DUI or driving under Influence and are posed with drunk driving charges. If something like this happens then you may be totally fumbled and simply can’t understand what to do!

Know about the charges first

In every country and location, the charges for this offence vary with the number of times you are being caught for the same. If it just like the situation mentioned above, that is you are caught for the first time the charges would be minimal. However, with the increasing number of time that is when you are caught for the second time, the charges would be severe than the first one. For the third time it would be more severe and so on. Hence, you need to know the DUI charges and what would be the effect if you are caught for several times.

Drunk driving charges varies from one country to another and hence, if you are travelling to some other country try to be aloof from such issues. The penalties may be very harsh in other countries than the ones that you know in your country. Penalties that would be imposed also depend upon the severity of the crime conducted by you and the level of alcohol in your blood.


Taking action after being penalized

Once you are caught under DUI the first thing that you must do is take help from a DUI attorney who would fight the case for you and try to prove you innocent. If not, then at least they would do their best so that the charges are minimal. They can be the best guide for letting you know what to do once you are caught under the offence of driving under influence.

Sometimes your license may be cancelled if you are caught driving under the influence of intoxications. Hence, the moment you are charged with drunk driven you must pay a visit to a DUI lawyer who knows everything about the different cases and can help you to overcome the situation easily.

You need to make sure that you know exactly what the level of your crime is; like, if you have met any accident then it would simply be much severe than being caught under DUI. Similarly the level of alcohol at your blood would also define the severity of the charges. However, whatever the situation is just remembered that the moment you are charged with drunk driving, do not keep in your hands. Rather seek advice from an expert who can as sit you totally and let you understand what can happen if these cases are not fought and faced properly.