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Why You Need A Criminal Attorney For Criminal Charges

In many Hollywood films, we tend to see that during an intense situation of a court room drama, the protagonist of the scene act as a self-appointed lawyer, even if he/she has no previous experience or education in the legal field. How we wish that our real life resembles the reel life, too! But rarely does it happen. So even if you are charged with criminal offence or arrested or facing a hefty penalty, don’t ever think about being your own criminal attorney in such cases.

There is no hardcore survey that has been done so far about the statistic of people who act as self-appointed lawyer in United States of America every year, but it’s around mere 1%. So you can understand that the criminal defence attorneys have immense potential when it comes to any tricky legal scenario.

The books don’t teach you the real life experience

The biggest flaw that self-representation in court room involves is mixing up theory with practice. If you don’t have an iota of knowledge about the legal nitty-gritty or proceedings, then it may sound inspiring on paper that by reading the books alone, anyone can prepare himself/herself to role-play that of a defence lawyer, but it’s not so easy. There is a marked difference between active participation and delving into theory.

What a criminal defence attorney can bring on a table?

  • Negotiating and Mitigating Power

The biggest benefit of hiring a criminal defence lawyer would be the power of negotiation he/she can wield. If you are into a murky, divorce battle where it involves serious charges of physical damage against you, your attorney can bring out a solution where may be you can strike a deal through plea bargains. With plea bargains, some of the charges that are brought against you can be mitigated or your potential sentencing prison time can be reduced.

  • The Power of Giving The Defendant a Reality Check

If you are a defendant, then most of the time, it’s not possible for you to know what’s going on outside. There are many criminal cases where the general perception of the public, regarding the person/people who get arrested, is extremely negative. Their perception also plays a havoc role in shaping up the opinions of judges, prosecutors, and fuels the hostility of the police. A criminal lawyer keeps you in the loop, saves you from the pressure of the whole community and also makes valuable suggestion that may cut down your overall prison term and instead of, you may be packed off to a rehabilitation centre.

  • Emotional Support

Apart from putting forth their valuable knowledge about law, negotiating with the prosecutor and giving you a reality check, a defence lawyer can play the part of a rock-solid emotional support system who can provide you with immense mental strength required in a emotionally taxing legal battle.


All said and done, if you are still hell-bent on self-representation in court, then it’s also supremely imperative that you get tutored on a regular basis while on trial by a seasoned criminal defence lawyer- as theory and practice are two different ballgames.